Faro Beach Life Hostel – My first hostel experience

Growing up as a single child, I was fortunate enough to always have my own room and plenty of privacy. This also influenced the choices I made when planning a trip – I was horrified by the idea of even sharing a bathroom with other people, let alone sharing a room. However, recently I found myself in the situation of having to book a few nights in a hostel. I was a bit afraid at first, I was pretty sure I’ll hate it and I’ll get zero sleep (I’m a super light sleeper). Much to my surprise, I actually loved it and now I might just be a hostel addict (I’m in another hostel at the present moment:)).

The atmosphere

I lost my hostel virginity to Faro Beach Life Hostel and it was an awesome experience. As soon as I walked in I noticed the super laid back atmosphere – bean bag chairs everywhere, comfy pillows, two sun loungers, plenty of sitting areas and even a hammock. The deck at the back of the hostel has beautiful views on theĀ ria and during high-tide you can step straight into the water – it’s like having your private swimming pool.

The kitchen is super clean and fully equipped, and you can also buy some frozen stuff, like pizza and lasagna from the reception. All the food that’s left from the other guests can be shared and there’s always basic stuff like oil, salt, pepper etc. at your disposal.

At the reception, I was greeted by a chatty Argentinian girl who was a volunteer there and who made me feel very welcomed. She was very nice and helpful throughout my stay, as well as her other colleagues at the reception. The only (small) complaint that I’d have is that sometimes they were a bit too noisy. The sangre latino is hard to temper, I guess.

The reception was usually open from afternoon till midnight and the girls would put on some (Portuguese) chill music, but you couldn’t really hear it in the rooms, so it was ok. During the night it was silent and peaceful, except for one night when some people (I will not say the nationality, but let’s just say they’re from somewhere over the pond) decided a Wednesday night is a perfect time to have a party. They stopped after a few people told them to, but I guess these situations could be avoided if someone from the staff would be at the property during the night.

The room

Soon after check-in, I was shown to my room. I opted for the 4 beds mixed dorm, but there were also options for 6 or 8 beds, both mixed or gender-assigned. The room was fully occupied for the whole time, but it was ok, the other people were pretty cool and respectful. The bed was pretty comfy and I had a locker to keep my valuables in (for a deposit of 10 euros that you get back on departure).

The bathroom was just outside the room and was super clean at all times. There were a lot of shampoos and shower gels left from previous guests, so no need to worry if you forgot to pack yours. There was even sunscreen we could use. Despite the fact that there are just 3 (I think) bathrooms at the property, I never had to wait for a long time to use it and there was always hot water.

The location

Faro Beach Life hostel is perfectly located, about 600 m away from the bus stop, right next to theĀ ria and a few steps from Faro beach (just cross the road and you’re there). The only store in the area is a bit far and doesn’t offer that big of a selection, so you might want to go to Faro for proper groceries (the bus ticket was 1.60 euros). If you want to eat out, there’s plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby.


Now, when I say perfectly located, I mean it’s perfect if hanging out on the beach all day is what you want. There’s no nightlife around and nothing much to do other thank bake in the sun. I think there might be some watersports available, but I’m not 100% sure.

The price

I wouldn’t want to go into detail too much here, as the prices really differ a lot depending on the room type. I would say it’s in the mid-low price range and it’s a good value for money.

All in all, I had a good experience at Faro Beach Life hostel, I have no big complaints about anything and would definitely recommend it and stay there again in the future.

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