Sandbanks, the poshest place in Dorset

Sandbanks is a small peninsula on the Western end of the 11 km long Bournemouth beach. With a beautiful sandy beach on one side and an impressive harbour on the other, Sandbanks has the fourth highest land value in the world and is apparently a favourite location for rich football players (so I’ve been told).

The harbour

My host took me there one day for a coffee and I really loved the relaxed vibe of the place, so I decided to come back and do some more exploring by myself. When I first entered the area, I was greeted by the harbour, adorned with quaint little fishing boats, as well as luxurious yachts. You can also spot Brownsea Island in the background, easily reachable by ferry from Sandbanks. The harbour seemed all the more impressive during low-tide, as the water level drops quite a bit and it looks like a weird land from another planet.

The beach

On the other side of the peninsula, I found the Blue Flag beach with its soft golden sands and clean waters. I especially loved the sand dunes with the little patches of grass popping-up here and there. I have to say it reminded me a bit of the beautiful beaches of the Hamptons featured in Gossip Girl (I know, I’m not proud, but I watched every single episode!).

After a while, once I was done posing in front of my awesome tripod and I had enough of the brutally hot English sun, I started to make my way towards the ferry, along the beach. Some of the most expensive houses are aligned along the beach, but in all honesty, I was not impressed by any of them. I feel like the really luxurious ones were on the harbour side, but they were super private so I wasn’t really able to get a good glimpse of them.

Front-row seats to the sunset show

The sun started setting-down as I reached the tip of the peninsula, so I sat down for a bit to watch the boats passing by. As I walked back to the harbour, I noticed this narrow alley between two houses and my curiosity was suddenly aroused. I realised later that it may have been private, but I went to check it out anyway and it led right down to the water, offering me a view of the whole bay right as the sun was setting-down. It somehow felt as if nature was putting on a show just for me!

I really loved my afternoon spent around Sandbanks, the beach is indeed on of the cleanest and most beautiful in the area (some say in Britain) and the sunset I was rewarded with was absolutely spectacular!

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