Weekend getaway in Cyprus: From Larnaca to Ayia Napa

Weekend getaway in Cyprus: From Larnaca to Ayia Napa

On the third day in Cyprus, the sun finally decided to make its glorious appearance, so we got up bright and early in order to make the most of our last day on the island, travelling from Larnaca to Ayia Napa.

Just in case you missed them, here’s day 1 and day 2.

Larnaca salt lake, pink flamingos and other fantasies

When we were researching for things to see on the island, we found something that seemed too good to be true: a very picturesque salt lake, surrounded by white salt flats and pink flamingos roaming around.

It was indeed too good to be true, as we discovered when we got there. It was just a big lake with stale water, no salt flats and the flamingos were in an area that was completely out of reach. Maybe it wasn’t the right season, maybe we were in the wrong area of the lake, who knows…

We were a bit disappointed, so we headed off to Larnaca for lunch. We walked along the seafront for a bit and along the streets near by, but by this point we just wanted to be next to the sea, so we made our way to Cape Greco.

From Cape Greco to Ayia Napa

This was the best part of our trip and, honestly, if I were to have seen just this part I would’ve been happy. The whole coast from Cape Greco to Ayia Napa and beyond is absolutely stunning, with some of the clearest, bluest waters I’ve seen so far.

We wanted our last stop to be Nissi Beach, so we went directly to Cape Greco and then came back towards Ayia Napa, stopping to see the Love Bridge and the Sea Caves on the way.

Cape Greco

Cape Greco can be easily accessed by car, followed by a 5-10 minute walk to the very peak. Once you reach the top, you have a 360 degrees view of the whole coast. The view is just…well, have a look for yourself:

The view from Cape Greco

The Love Bridge

Sea Caves

Nissi Beach

As planned, our last stop was Nissi Beach and its amazing clear waters. We just spent the rest of the day sunbathing, paddleboarding and I even got my voice back for a little bit while I was on the water. I guess the sea can cure everything!

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