Weekend getaway in Cyprus: Paphos & Limassol

Weekend getaway in Cyprus: Paphos & Limassol

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On the second day in Cyprus the rain had finally stopped and it was definitely warmer, so we decided to explore Paphos a bit and then head up to the Akamas peninsula, to see Aphrodite’s Baths and other attractions.

Paphos Promenade and Beach

I left the girls at home to get ready and went for a quick walk along the sea and a yoga sesh on the beach, to start the day properly.

Paphos has a really nice promenade along the shore line, with lots of palm trees, flowers and all the 5 star hotels. There are quite a few beaches as well, neither very big, but they look decent and the water is super clear.

Tombs of the Kings

Once I was all zen and stuff, I went to pick up the girls and we headed towards the Tombs of the Kings, a large archaeological site, just outside of Paphos, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The tombs seem to date all the way back to the 4th century BC and actually belong to aristocrats and high officials, no king was buried here.

The tombs are indeed very big and impressive, however the site is huge and if you’re not really passionate about archaeology/history it gets a bit too much at some point. Nice spot for instagrammable photos though 😀

Paphos Castle and Marina

After strolling around the Tombs of the Kings site for about half an hour, we decided to go back to Paphos to see the castle and have lunch in the harbour.

The castle didn’t impress me much, I’ve seen way prettier ones, so I chose not to go inside. There was a small fee, but I just didn’t feel like it was worth it. The harbour I did like, especially the coloured fishing boats and the view over the city. There are many tavernas and coffee shops along the water if you want to recharge your batteries.

Baths of Aphrodite

We did a lot of research for things to visit before we left and Aphrodite’s Baths was rated pretty high up in the preference chart. For the life of me, I will never understand why. It’s literally a puddle in the middle of a rock. That’s it.

We left hoping that we can continue on the road along the coast towards the Blue Lagoon, Manolis Bay and Fontana Amorosa, but after reading some reviews we realised the road was in a really bad condition and it wouldn’t be a good idea to venture on it in a rental. There were some signs advertising boat trips and buggy rentals, but it all just seemed too complicated so we decided to leave.

Right across the street from Aphrodite’s Baths there’s an awesome lookout spot with a magnificent view of the coast. In my opinion, that should be the attraction here rather then the aforementioned baths.

Takas Bay/Aphrodite’s Beach

At this point we were pretty bummed about how our day was going, so we decided we just want to go dip our toes in the water and hang on a beach somewhere. We followed the first sign indicating a beach that we saw and it took us to this amazing beach. It was the highlight of my day for sure. Even though it was already getting chilly and I had completely lost my voice to laryngitis by that time, none of that mattered and I enjoyed playing in the waves like a child. The moment that sea foam touches your toes…Divine!

Limassol Promenade and Marina

Once we had enough of the beach (though, seriously, can you ever have enough of it?), we headed to Limassol to check out the promenade and marina as it was raining the other day and we didn’t get to see it, with a few stops along the way to take some pictures of the amazing scenery.

I loved the promenade, it looks really luxurious with the palm trees and pools. And you’re right next to the sea, so nothing else matters really 🙂

It was not the best of days, for sure, firstly because of the shitty weather and second because we failed to make a proper plan in case there’s going to be shitty weather. Cyprus is 90% about the sea and that turquoise water, which unfortunately is not as breathtaking in the rain or when it’s cloudy. That’s why having a plan B would’ve been a great idea in this situation.

However, it wasn’t all that bad in the end, there were some highlights, like that beautiful beach, and day three was so perfect it totally made up for everything!

To be continued.

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